Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinterest....What is a "Pinterest?"


My wife starting doing this “thing” for the last several weeks, and it has grown into an obsession. Pretty soon I was able to see how the obsession spreads like gremlins with water on them (or a zombie outbreak if you prefer). Our email box is bursting at the seam with non-stop Pinterest excitement. Susie is following you on Pinterest. Mary just repinned your pin. It goes on and on.

Finally, last week, I broke down and had a serious discussion with my wife.

Me: What is a "Pinterest?"

Her: It’s a place where people virtually pin pictures of stuff they like.

Me: Ok...

The emails of all the Pinterest excitement continued to pour in, which lead to serious discussion number 2.

Me: What is Pinterest again, and why do they keep sending so many emails?

Her: It’s a social network. People make boards which have pictures and links pinned on them. Other people view the boards. It’s great.  Let me show you.

Me: Ok…why are there so many pictures of babies and food?

Her: That’s what a lot of people like to see.

Me: Ok….

Last Thursday, I finally got the itch to experience firsthand what Pinterest is all about. So I added the app to my iPhone and went to create an account.

Instead of the immediate gratification I was expecting, I was thanked on email for joining a waitlist and given  a promise that I would get an official invitiation to join the site later. What? Is Pinterest the country club of social networks where I have to wait to get in? Well, like most folks wanting social acceptance, I put my name on the list and waited with baited breath for my invite.

Today is the day, and I am proud to say that I’ve been accepted into the club.

I have no idea what I am going to do there. I’m not one of the cool kids, so I hope I can fit in. 

I’ve got a feeling I’m about to have another serious discussion with my wife about Pinterest. This time instead of "What is Pinterest" it will be "Can you show me how to do this thing?  Please."

For me, Pinterest is like stepping on the moon. Ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic but it’s a big step for me.

Pinterest, here I come!!!  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of babies or food.

If anyone has any tips how to make Pinterest exciting for a middle-aged gamer, please type in the comments.

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