Monday, February 13, 2012

Lessons learned--Skyrim

For the first time in many months, the stars aligned, and I was given a few hours to attack the pile of shame. There were many games to pick from, but there was one at the top of the pile staring at me, daring me to play.


It’s going to take me about 50 years to finish this game, so don’t expect a review any time soon. There are tons of reviews out there if you need to check one out. For me, I am going to chronicle a few things about my time in Skyrim. I am saving the kingdom, albeit slowly, but learning a lot along the way.

Lessons learned (5 hours in):

1.  Save often.
2.  If your character is at level 3, don’t try to kill a giant. Really, don’t. Just wait awhile.  If you try, you will be impressed with your ability to fly.
3.  If your character is at level 3, don’t try to kill a giant’s mammoths. Seriously, don’t. Maybe you will have better luck killing a chicken in the village.
4.   Leave the chickens alone. Killing one will get you in a lot of trouble. Who am I kidding? Avoid mammoths and chickens. Do some leveling up first.
5.  Whenever the prompt comes up to steal something, don’t do it in front of someone, even if you are carrying a large axe.  It never ends well. 
6.  Don’t step on ornate floor tiles in caves.  Look but don't touch.
7.  When stealth is required, give squatting a try.  Squatting down seems to make you invisible to the world.
8. If your character is at level 4, oh never mind.  See lesson 2.

If these lessons don’t make a lot of sense, pick up the game. You’ll see I am right, and no matter what happens, avoid killing chickens. You’ll thank me for that advice.

Minor Spoiler--youtube video of someone fighting giants

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