Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thoughts on the Fanfic Video "Grayson"

At one point or another, most kids have dreamed up the perfect story with their favorite superheroes.  I remember as a 7 year old writing a story in which a new Green Lantern (who happened to be a whole lot like me) destroyed an evil dictator named Kal-El (i.e. Superman).  I called it Emerald Dawn.  It was my masterpiece (at least in my 7 year old mind).  Many years later DC comics had its own “Emerald Dawn” storyline in their Green Lantern comic book series.  Fortunately for them, it was nothing like my story.  My story, which in retrospect wasn’t very good, was what folks today call “fan fiction”  (i.e. stories written by fans about their favorite movie, TV, video game, comic book characters, etc.)
There are lots of sites that publish fan fiction, and I’m always impressed when I read a piece that seems to be on par with actual comic book/movie canon.  I’m even more impressed when someone attempts to put a piece of fanfic to video.   Other than youtube, these usually never get published due to trademark issues, but they can still be fun to watch.
This leads me to “Grayson.”
A couple of times per year, I find myself going back to watch “Grayson,” a five minute fanfic movie trailer about Dick Grayson (Robin) putting back on the suit to solve the murder of Batman.  With so many DC Comics references, pictures, and characters involved in the story, it’s obvious that star/director John Fiorella has a true love and reverence for the source material.  It's this reverence that really draws you into his superhero tale. 
Throw out some comic book logic (i.e. why doesn’t Dick Grayson just wear his Nightwing outfit) and have fun watching Mr. Fiorella’s trailer.  It’s a heck of a 5 minute ride and one of the best fanfic videos out there.

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