Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pepsi Throwback

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Coke or Pepsi Throwback? Much more difficult of a choice, but I am starting to lean towards Pepsi Throwback.

Pepsi Throwback is soda as it should be made. High fructose corn syrup....gone. Pepsi Throwback has replaced this with cane/beet sugar as it was many decades ago.

Nothing makes a soda taste better than real sugar. Nothing.

The flavor of Pepsi Throwback is sweet and goes down smooth. Gone is the acidic, chemical taste found in regular Pepsi. Once you drink a Throwback, you won’t want a regular Pepsi ever again.

Thanks Pepsi. The Throwback takes me back to my childhood when drinking a soda was a real treat. As long as you keep them on the market, I will buy them.

As for the health nuts out there, sodas are meant for enjoyment, not health. They contain no nutritional benefits. Let me repeat, they contain no nutritional benefits. If you want something healthy, go make a protein shake or have some Activia or something. Me, I’ll take the Pepsi least until Coke follows suit with some real sugar.


  1. I'll take a Dr. Pepper ; )

  2. If you get one made with Imperial Sugar (which used to be known as a Dublin Dr. Pepper), I would join you. Those are great too!!!!!