Saturday, January 21, 2012

The best gift "ever"

My random thoughts wandered away from Space Invaders and towards the idea of the best gift "ever" (material gift that is; a much greater gift can be found at John 3:16).

This year my kids told me they had the greatest Christmas “ever.”  My sons decided that their BB guns were the best gifts “ever.”  My daughter thought that her Build-a Bear wardrobe was the best gift “ever.”  I remember telling my parents that my Atari 2600 and later my Nintendo Entertainment System were the best gifts “ever.”  My wife said her Kindle Fire was the best gift “ever.”  Ok, maybe she didn’t say that, but she did like it.  This got me to thinking about what really makes something the best gift ever.
A few years ago, my friend Jim gave what I think was one of the best gifts “ever” to his granddaughter Lily.  He wrote a story for her, and his wife Karan drew the pictures for the story, “Princess Lily and the Great Cookie Mystery.”  The story was simply a tale written from a grandfather to his granddaughter out of love.  Buying something for someone is really easy, even when there is a lot of thought to the present, but creating something for another person is truly special.  This story was a gift from the heart and not the wallet.  When I think about the best gifts “ever,” I have to think that Jim’s gift to Lily is right up there as one of the best.  Since then he’s worked to put it e-book form.
If you are interested go check it out at:
Jim, great job being a loving grandfather.  You’ve given Lily something she will never forget and will always hold dear to her heart.  You gave her your story.

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